foglia di caffè

dedicated to taste specialists

Area professionale specialisti

Coffee is not enough. It takes perfect service around it. That's why we also give you the espresso machine on loan, coffee and cappuccino cups, countertop sugar bowls, napkins and napkin holders, and sugar packets. To signal to your customers the great quality you have chosen for your venue.

Area professionale specialisti
Area professionale specialisti

in the service of goodness


We know what a coffee shop needs: coffee that wins you over at first taste, and service that is always there.


For these specialists, coffee is the extra touch that accompanies specialties, or becomes a defining ingredient.


Coffee takes center stage from morning to pamper guests with a professionally prepared Italian breakfast.


It is the final stage of the taste journey created by the chef: it must match the entire menu to close on a high note.

the customer at the center

24/7 professional equipment service and maintenance to accompany our customers at all times.


espresso experience

Not only coffee beans for professional business. In addition to the 1 kg bean blend packs dedicated to espresso specialists, we also offer formats suitable for home and office consumption such as decaffeinated, ground coffee, pods and capsules compatible with Nespresso and Lavazza “A modo mio” system.

Area professionale
Scatola Taormina caffè
Marchio artigianalità siciliana

discover the artisanal quality of taormina caffè

We devote specific attention to coffee care. In all its phases. Starting from the acquisition of green coffee by searching only for selections of fine coffees from different origins, through roasting in which experienced artisans check the cooking levels of individually roasted coffees. And finally, packaging and storage in temperature-stabilized warehouses until maturity is reached and subsequent distribution to espresso specialists.

espresso experience

A declaration of love, revealed in a coffee blend made from a roasted grain blend of Coffea arabica and
Coffea canephora, called Robusta.
Like a Sicilian love story, TAORMINA CAFFÈ expresses attraction and passion to deliver an explosion of aroma with every taste.
It’s our espresso experience.