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Sicilian handcrafted coffee

Carretto Taormina caffè

We carefully select the best varieties of coffee and roast them taking advantage of the latest technology.
Including the most reliable one: the experience of a family that has been producing coffee for more than a century.

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Sacchetti in grani professionale per specialisti

taormina caffè at home and in the office

Grain. ground. pods and capsules.

Confezione di cialda e capsule

our coffee is like this


Full-bodied, aromatic and creamy


Compact and velvety


Balanced, requires no added sugar


A selection of six varieties between arabica and robusta


Pleasant and enveloping


Caramel with notes of chocolate and tobacco


espresso experience

Sicilian handcrafted coffee for professionals

The fine collection of Taormina coffee, an artisanal coffee that we offer only to venues such as bars, restaurants, and hotels, which distinguish themselves in being true masters of taste and hospitality.

To always stand out, to provide coffee that matches the level and style of your business and venue.

A special coffee that stands out and is loved at first sip. In order for Taormina caffè to suit your needs, we have designed merchandising that can give a touch of exclusivity to the “mise en place” of your venue, for example, with our cups, napkin rings and finally sugar sachet holders.

Tazzina Taormina caffè espresso experience

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For the most beautiful cafe in Sicily, in Italy, in the world.

Did you know that our Taormina caffè, Sicilian handcrafted coffee can give even more flavor to your business?
It's not for nothing that you only find it in the best place.

taormina caffè

espresso experience

espresso experience

A declaration of love, revealed in a coffee blend made from a roasted grain blend of Coffea arabica and
Coffea canephora, called Robusta.
Like a Sicilian love story, TAORMINA CAFFÈ expresses attraction and passion to deliver an explosion of aroma with every taste.
It’s our espresso experience.